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The Roads We’ve Traveled...

The mid morning sun was already beginning to warm the air, promising another hot day in Bellflower, California. A few children played along the street while a mother pushed her baby along in a stroller. The rattle of a truck could be heard in the distance and as it came closer all on the street stopped to see what contraption could be making such a racket in their neighborhood – and soon they knew.

From behind the wheel they could see two rows of brilliant white teeth, trying as they could to jump clean from the man’s lips, which seemed the only thing holding them in - truly a smile from ear to ear. The well-used, topless army surplus dump truck rattled on by with a wave from the driver, apparently off to clatter through someone else’s neighborhood. An insignificant event in the life of the people along that street that fine day in 1949, but not so for the Mundens.

As he pulled into their driveway, Craig Munden could barely bring the truck to a stop before he leapt out and called excitedly for his wife, Louise. From the house came a lovely young woman looking equally excited although notably more nervous than her husband. They had discussed it for some time and had finally agreed to take the plunge, the poor truck sitting awkwardly on their driveway represented the start of their future, and, unbeknownst to them at the time, the futures of many of the Mundens down the line. And so our story begins.

From the highway projects in California, Craig and Louise were asked to manage a fleet of trucks for HE Reynolds Transportation, first in Bridgeport Washington for the construction of Hoover Dam and next to Branson, Missouri for the Tablerock Dam. Once the dam projects ended, Reynolds had difficulty in finding work for their fleet. Eventually, Craig found work in the most unlikely of places, Port McNeill on Vancouver Island, BC for a new iron-ore haul and ship loading facility Reynolds would take on for Mannix Company. So, in 1957, Craig, Louise and family came to Canada, the country that would become home to at least the next 3 generations of Mundens.

In 1962, the ore haul ended and Craig was once again looking for an opportunity for the Reynolds’ fleet. They moved to Vancouver in search of that opportunity, but it wasn’t until 1963 that the family relocated once again, this time to Savona, BC to convert the Reynolds fleet to log hauling for Savona Timber. Unfortunately, log hauling was not the typical 7-day a week, 24 hour-a-day operation that Reynolds was used to and the owners quickly became disenchanted. In 1965, against Craig’s wishes, Reynolds owners decided to move the trucks back to Vancouver Island to service a contract with Rayonier Lumber.

At the same time, the twinkle was back in the eyes of Craig and Louise, a twinkle that hadn’t been seen since a young man clattered through the quiet streets of Bellflower, California. In 1966, Craig and Louise purchased their own log truck and launched C. Munden Transport Ltd. and ended the long relationship between the Munden family and Reynolds Transportation.

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About Munden

A History of Service

For three generations now, the Munden’s have been providing transportation services to the forest industry. First started in 1966 by Craig and Louise Munden in Savona, BC, the company has continued to grow over the years. While log hauling remains at our roots, we also provide third party commercial vehicle maintenance, log harvesting as well as tank manufacturing, inspection and repair services.

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