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3 Small (But Significant) Ways to Prepare Your Commercial Truck for Winter Conditions

November 9th 2020

Located in Kamloops, BC, Munden Ventures has been providing the area with transportation services to the forest industry for over 50 years.

Over the years, our company has grown to include third party commercial vehicle maintenance, log harvesting and tank manufacturing in addition to inspection and repair services.

With the colder months soon approaching us here in the Interior of BC, it is time to start preparing your truck for winter driving conditions to ensure maximum safety while on the road.

Here are 3 ways you can prepare for winter driving:

Tire Chains

Tire chains are the most effective way to maintain traction on winter roads, especially with unpredictable and constantly changing weather conditions. It is not uncommon that you’ll need to carry a set of tire chains with you on certain routes, especially during icy or snowy conditions, so it’s vital to have them with you during the winter season.

In BC specifically, the government requires that all commercial trucks have tire chains on between October 1 and April 30, although for certain highways not on mountain passers or high snowfall areas, those requirements end on March 31 of each year.

Trucks that weigh between 5,000 kg and 11,794 kg LGW are to carry chains or comparable traction devices unless the vehicle is already equipped with winter-rated tires that have the 3-peaked mountain and snowflake symbol or the M+S symbol.

Vehicles weighing 11, 794 kg LGW or more are to carry steel chains on most highways in the province.

Munden Ventures’ Parts Department can help you with all of your tire chain needs to ensure you’re ready for the upcoming winter months.

If you’re travelling outside of British Columbia for trucking purposes, laws and regulations are different between provinces and states, but don’t hesitate to ask Munden Ventures for more information.

Winter Windshield Washer Fluid

Ensure you have winter windshield washer fluid over regular windshield washer fluid during the icy seasons. Winter windshield washer fluid will prevent your truck’s windshield from freezing over no matter the weather or road conditions you are driving in. You can rest assured that the fluid doesn’t begin freezing until much lower temperatures.

Munden Ventures can help you determine what winter windshield washer fluid is best for you.

Switch to LED Lights

Visibility is crucial as you navigate where you are going. Switching to LED lights in your truck during the winter months makes your beams brighter, which will help when visibility on the road is poorer and the days become shorter. Truck LED lights provide more durability and, although not indestructible, will be better suited to surviving conditions such as ice, hail or even flying debris.

Because drivers will be on the road when it’s darker for several months, having LED lights is our recommendation for getting to and from your destinations. These lights provide a dependable additional layer of safety for winter driving conditions - including fog, darkness or snow.

These tips will help you be prepared for winter driving. Read more on our blog about other ways you can prepare this year and any year. In particular, check out our recent article on Engine Heaters and Cab Heating Systems.

If you’re travelling near the Kamloops, BC area and get stuck on the road, Munden Ventures has mobile mechanic truck services to help you out if you’re in a pinch.

If you have questions, ask a question in our live chat or contact Munden Ventures today!