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4 Reasons You Consider being a Logging Truck Driver with Munden/LOTS Group

October 22nd 2021

Munden Ventures is a log hauling and forestry company currently looking for professional logging truck drivers to join their growing team. We always have room for quality, professional drivers with clean abstracts and off-road driving experience. Whether you are starting your professional journey or are a veteran of hauling logs, we want to talk to you about why you should join our tight-knit team. If you’re looking for a job driving log trucks in BC, we have five great reasons you should consider signing on with Munden Ventures.

1. Great Wages. Money matters, families are expensive, and life isn’t getting any cheaper. At Munden Ventures, we recognize that fair compensation is important. For that reason, we've moved from a traditional model of percentage pay for drivers, to a straight, hourly pay rate. From the time you start your day until the time you end your day, we pay hourly. That includes overtime after you’ve reached the required number of service hours.

In addition to fair hourly wages and over-time pay, we also have a safety and performance incentive plan designed to reward drivers for great decision-making. With each paycheque, our drivers are recognized for reaching safety and performance goals.2. Great Benefits Plan. Every full-time employee at Munden Ventures is offered membership in our comprehensive benefits plan. We have families, too, and know just how important extended benefits are. Eyeglasses, orthodontics, prescriptions, counselling, and more. At Munden/LOTS, we’ve got you covered.

2. Great Work-Life Balance. We have always maintained a driver-first approach to management. We come from four generations of professional drivers with Class 1 licenses, so we understand what's important from a log truck driver's perspective – from compensation and working conditions to the type of truck you get to operate.

We know log truck drivers work long hours and have families and are anxious to get home at the end of the day, so we have a shop available to maintain the trucks. At the end of your workday, you can turn in the keys and head home without worrying about time-consuming maintenance or repairs.

3. Creative Retirement Savings Plan. After years of dedicated service, we feel you should be rewarded with a comfortable retirement and we work with you to help make it happen. Our retirement savings plan grows, in terms of contributions, the longer that you're with us.

4. Flexible Working Hours. While most of our drivers choose to work full-time, we recognize that not all professional drivers are looking for full-time employment. We are committed to developing a pool of part-time and casual log truck drivers and are willing to work with you to find the perfect fit. Whether you are nearing the end of your career and winding down your work hours, or have other commitments that make part-time work beneficial, the potential to fit your employment to your lifestyle exists at Munden Ventures.

Check out our Driver Recruitment page and watch our detailed videos to find out why Munden Ventures is the best log truck driving company to work for in BC. Then, fill out an employee application! We want to hear from you!