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CVIP Inspections in Kamloops

November 23rd 2021

Canada’s Commercial Vehicle Inspection Programs (CVIP) exist to ensure all commercial vehicles travelling on Canadian highways are properly maintained and road worthy. At Munden Ventures, we have 12 certified CVIP inspectors on staff, ensuring there is always someone available to complete your inspection in a timely fashion and get you back on the road as quickly as possible. Each province is responsible for conducting and applying its own inspection programs, but all are in place to keep people and cargo moving safely throughout the country.

What is a CVIP Inspection?

It is a program designed to ensure the road worthiness of commercial vehicles. Commercial vehicles are inspected on an annual or semi-annual basis by an authorized inspector to ensure they meet specific criteria and safety standards. Elements inspected include brakes, steering, chassis, suspension, and more. Getting your commercial vehicle inspected is required by law and is a necessary component of keeping your vehicle in top condition for operation in oftentimes challenging conditions.

Who needs one?

• Vehicles with a licensed gross weight more than 8,200kg, including,
◦ Commercial vehicles;
◦ Emergency vehicles;
◦ Farm logging vehicles.
• Commercial trailers or semi-trailers.
• Machines with a licensed gross weight more than 17,300kg, including:
◦ Industrial machines;
◦ Farm vehicles.
• Buses, including school buses, that carry more than 10 people.

How often do I need to renew?

In British Columbia, mandatory safety inspections are needed either every six months, or annually, depending on the weight and type of your commercial vehicle.

What happens if I don't have a CVIP sticker?

In order for enforcement officers to easily know if a commercial vehicle is up-to-date with inspections, a CVIP decal is placed on a specific area on your vehicle. Decals are recorded on an inventory control sheet and are monitored by Commercial Vehicle Safety & Enforcement (CVSE). If you do not have a current decal on your vehicle, you may be questioned by an enforcement officer and given notice to have an inspection completed immediately.

Who does the inspections?

Authorized trade qualified mechanics conduct inspections at designated inspection facilities. Inspectors must complete and pass an Inspection Facility Operator course and designated inspection facilities are required to have a number of features and specific tools and equipment in order to maintain their status. All vehicle inspections must be verified by an authorized inspector and the inspection report must be submitted within 10 days of the date of inspection.

Where can I get a CVIP Inspection?

If you're near Kamloops and your CVIP expires, or if you want a local shop to handle your regular inspections, call today to set up your appointment with Munden's Service department. Munden Ventures has the longest shop hours in BC’s Interior, providing service seven days per week from 7am until midnight because we know that trucking isn’t a 9-5 job.

We also provide inspection date reminders, so you’ll never be left hoping you don’t get stopped while scrambling to schedule a last-minute appointment. Learn more on our CVIP/MVI Inspections page. And if your vehicle does require repairs to pass inspection, our mechanics are ready to provide any necessary repairs.