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Do not Wait For it to Break – COVID’s Effect on the Parts Supply Chain

November 20th 2020

At Munden Ventures Ltd., we are customer-focused, solutions-oriented, and results-driven. Being the most trusted commercial trucking mechanic shop in the Kamloops area is both our goal and our commitment to our customers. That commitment stands, but the disruption of COVID-19 in 2020 has affected all repair facilities' ability to support customers.


To put it simply, planning can save you from significant potential downtime. Do not wait for it to break.


COVID is harming the supply chain for everything from toilet paper to replacement parts for commercial vehicles. The supply chain has slowed down significantly, and many items are either hard to get, delayed, or entirely unavailable. As truck component suppliers and OEM factories have gradually used up any inventory that existed in the system, customers should be prepared to face difficulty in sourcing commercial vehicle parts promptly.


The best solution – preventative maintenance. Find issues before they fail so that we have time to source parts for you. Call today to book your appointment – we know the services you provide are vital and we want to keep you on the road. Our advice: get your truck checked before anything breaks to the point of needing replacing because it may be a long time before we can get your replacement parts.


While we carry a comprehensive inventory of truck and trailer related parts and accessories, plant closures in April/May and reduced production since then is creating a reduction in available parts. If you have recently received a reminder to service your truck, do not delay. Get it in quickly, so we can service your vehicle, identify any potential problems, and subsequently make plans to keep you moving for the long haul.


Trucking is a critical mode of transportation amidst the current pandemic. Road transport is the best way to ensure essential products to make it to where they are needed most. We have always known the importance of the trucking industry and what we do, but now the greater community is realizing all that the trucking industry contributes. Keeping trucks on the road is vital and at Munden Ventures, we want to do our part. Owning trucks ourselves, we know how important it is to keep trucks on the road and we will do whatever is necessary to keep your unit running, including providing mechanical services seven-days a week. We are dedicated to serving our customers and Munden Ventures is open for the most hours (7 am to midnight daily) of any parts and service department in the BC Interior. 


Our shop management system allows us to develop a customized preventative maintenance program complete with detailed inspection reports, to your specifications. We also provide automated-email reminders of upcoming maintenance due dates right to your inbox. If you are a single truck owner or a fleet manager, we are will tailor a maintenance package to your needs.


Munden’s maintenance services include everything from routine maintenance to extensive repairs. We are a designated inspection facility (S6735) and provide both scheduled and unscheduled repairs to customers of all sizes, including emergency roadside service.


Contact our shop to set up an appointment today. We accept payment by Visa, Mastercard, Debit, or on account for customers with established credit.


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