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Engine Heaters and Cab Heating Systems

September 25th 2020

Engine Heaters and Cab Heating Systems ,

With its wide variety of partners, Munden Ventures is your one-stop shop in the BC Interior for everything service, repairs, and custom made parts for whatever commercial vehicles you might have. Winter is coming on soon and facing the elements might have you thinking about the pros and cons of cab and engine heaters. As a customer-focused company located in Kamloops, we know you have questions and we are here to answer them. We sell and service Websato and Espar equipment and know all the ins and outs you might need.

 Why A Webasto Engine Heater?

Why should you consider cab heating, or more specifically a Webasto engine heater? Reducing idling times, improving driver comfort, and increasing mental alertness are only a few of the benefits. Every investment into a better working and more efficient cab add dollars to the bottom line of any commercial transportation company.

Are you trying to distinguish your company in attracting and retaining drivers? Well, offering a warm and comfortable cab throughout the winter is a great start. While we all know people value the wages you pay, it is often not top-of-the-list when it comes to professional drivers choosing a company to drive. More and more, it is companies that show that they value their driver team and are willing to make investments in their safety and comfort that can tip the driver scale in your favour. The payback on a relatively small investment in a cab heating system can be very quick.

Air Top 2000

When the world expects everything to continue working despite desperately cold temperatures, you need a heater that ensures engine oil is warm enough and the components will move as they should. Cold starts are a breeze when you have a heater that works separately from your engine. When you need your engines to increase their longevity, minimizing wear is essential. Using an engine heater, and the right heater improves engine life and reduces the amount of service required.

What is perfect for you?

There are several different types and sizes of air heaters, and coolant heaters, all with their specs and benefits. Whether you have a smaller installation space, need engine-independent heat or something that will keep the temperature high during longer breaks or waiting periods, we either have what you need or can get it for you. Want a compact design that will heat the driver’s cabin and cargo compartment without running the engine? We have easy to install flexible air heaters for you. Need to heat the driver’s cabin and engine in a small vehicle for extended periods? Our knowledgeable staff will find the right efficient coolant heater for you. With our proud history of service and long roads travelled, we know the business and most especially how to help you in any parts or services you need for your Websato or Espar equipment. Do you not have either of those? No matter; we repair and service all other models too. We hope you stay warm during those long cold nights and are even open 7 am until midnight every night to get you where you need to go. Contact us for Websato or Espar sales, parts and services, and/or repairs, as well as information on other models.

Can’t make it into our shop? We have mobile mechanic trucks. Come in and see us, or give us a call today at 250.828.2268.