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Heavy Transport/Forestry/Agriculture Hydraulic Hose Repair

July 27th 2020

Heavy Transport/Forestry/Agriculture Hydraulic Hose Repair,

If you have operated a truck or piece of heavy equipment for any length of time, there is little doubt that you’ve blown a hydraulic hose. If you haven’t experienced this, what would you do if your hydraulic hose blows?  That’s where Munden Ventures steps in — the Interior BC experts at forestry and heavy industry hydraulic issues — to get the job done seamlessly and as quickly as possible.

 For over five decades, Munden Ventures has provided its services to the forestry, transportation, agricultural, and construction industry in the interior of BC. At the Munden shop in Kamloops, a routinely busy part of the day is devoted to heavy machinery and hydraulic hose repairs for industry.

Forestry Industry and Heavy Machinery Hydraulic Uses

 To this day, servicing the forest industry remains at the core of Munden Ventures’ business model. Our experience with heavy machinery and hydraulic hose repairs for heavy industry means our mechanics are flexible and knowledgeable. Hydraulics can be dangerous and need special attention or creative solutions from the most skilled mechanics in the interior of BC.

 Hydraulics are an integral component to heavy equipment because so many machines rely on the power they provide. Working in the woods, on construction sites, in the field or other remote locations, one gets to be familiar with the challenging terrain and different kinds of daily environmental impacts on machinery.

 A properly performing hydraulic system is almost always an integral part of keeping your operators safe and your operation running. These little hoses are suddenly worth a lot more when they're used for safety systems or achieving the hourly production targets that always rely on uptime.

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 Why Should I Use Professionals to Repair my Hydraulics?

 While it can be a very challenging job on your own (hydraulic hoses are rarely routed in easily accessible locations),hydraulic hoses can be replaced whether it’s for forestry or other heavy machinery. In most cases you’ll need to remove the hose from your equipment until you can have it fixed. If you’re inexperienced or new to dealing with the shut-off, safe inspection and repair of hydraulic hoses and lines, it’s best to leave it to the pros. Systems under pressure can be dangerous in both build-up and release stages.

 At our Kamloops repair centre, Munden Ventures is here to help you should you be faced with a hydraulic hose problem. Our Parker hydraulic hose press and range of fittings enables us to custom make whatever you need to get you back up and running as quickly as possible. In other words, no repair is too big or small.

 Get Back on The Road With Munden Ventures

 When it comes to hydraulic hose-induced downtime for your equipment on the side of the logging road, construction site, or out in the field, getting back to up-time is everything. Munden Ventures is open seven days a week from 7am to midnight, ensuring a hose technician is always available on site. Our mechanics service everything from trucks, to logging and construction equipment in our Kamloops repair shop, or at your location with our mobile service trucks.

 To learn more about our hydraulic hose services, call our shop at 250-828-2268. Hydraulic Hose Repair