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Reefer Maintenance and Repair - Not Just A Summer Issue!

December 12th 2019

Reefer Maintenance and Repair - Not Just A Summer Issue!,

Refrigerated trucks and trailers make it possible to transport goods that need to be kept cold. Whether it’s meat, dairy, produce, or products like flowers being transported, these reefer trucks and trailers make it possible to keep goods and products temperature-controlled from door to door. Having a breakdown or malfunction of a refrigeration unit while transporting goods can cause the cargo to be damaged or destroyed – so it’s important that they be maintained.

Many customers are even asking for a record of the range of temperatures from the reefer units to ensure they haven’t fluctuated more than a tight tolerance of a couple of degrees – opening the door to more chances of a refused load. If you’ve ever experienced it, you know the cost of a spoiled or refused load can be huge, not to mention the damage to the relationship with your customer.

At Munden Ventures Ltd, we can repair reefer trucks and trailers in our Kamloops shop – but we can also send out our mobile repair trucks to help you out on the road! Let’s take a look at reefer trucks and the experience we’ve had with them.

Reefer trucks and trailers have been around for a long time in one form or another. In 1939 the first portable air cooling unit was invented, and since then the technology has evolved and developed into what it is today. Like many trailers, reefer trailers typically have standard lengths of 28, 48 and 53 feet. Along with the technology to operate these trucks, the ability to repair them has become better and faster too.

At Munden, our expert team is experienced with repairs for all truck and trailer reefer units. Two common refrigeration brands we provide maintenance and repair on are Carrier and Thermo King. These companies provide great units – but any piece of machinery needs maintenance and repair from time to time. Even if your routes typically only take you through Canada in the winter, we recommend keeping your unit maintained year-round.

As you know, reefer units are used all times of the year on journeys that take trucks through variable climates. For example, a journey may start in Prince George in terrible winter conditions but end Los Angeles, California, where the conditions are much warmer. Not only is the destination warmer than the starting point, but there will be fluctuations in temperature along the way! The Thompson-Okanagan is fairly warm, Washington has warmer and colder spots, and so on. This is why maintaining these units isn’t just a summer issue. Food products that need to be transported in these vehicles need to be kept at a consistent temperature despite constantly fluctuating climates.

In our theoretical Prince George to Los Angeles trip in the middle of January, if you noticed that your reefer unit was having trouble while you were passing through Kamloops, it would need to be repaired before you reached the warmer temperatures below the border. Repairing a unit while you’re in transit isn’t ideal, but Munden’s mechanics can get your unit running again so you can finish your trip. If you can’t get to our shop, our mobile mechanic service trucks can come to you!

Whether your reefer unit is a Carrier, Thermo King, or any other brand, Munden Ventures Ltd can maintain it or repair it for you. Get in touch with our team in Kamloops to learn more and get any questions answered!