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Round the Clock Service

June 14th 2020

Round the Clock Service,

The Importance Of Around The Clock Service

Munden Ventures Ltd.

 The heavy truck and transport industry is the backbone of our economy and society. If products stop moving, the services and resources based on them grind to a halt too. No matter what crisis our local or larger world is facing, we depend on our heavy transport industry to keep delivering the goods. No matter the reason your truck is stuck on the side of the road, Munden Ventures Ltd. in Kamloops BC is here to get you back up and running.

 Maintenance And Repair Services

 Keeping your rig in top shape all the time is the best way to prevent a sidelined or delayed delivery. Whether your maintenance is regularly scheduled or caught at the last moment, our 10-bay heavy truck repair facility and skilled mechanics can take care of it. If you’re a single truck owner, or a fleet manager, we’re happy to tailor a maintenance package to your needs and industry. You shouldn’t need to worry about the condition of your equipment and trucks, that’s our job.

 What about if your truck has already experienced an issue, and you’re stuck on a BC highway without support in sight? Our emergency repair services can come to your location 24 hours/day, 7days/week. If you can’t make it to us, Munden’s fully equipped mobile service trucks are ready to help fix any problem your truck throws at you. If you’ve been involved in an accident, blown an airbag, or just need to fix the AC on a hot Kamloops day, we’ll get you back on delivery schedule as soon as possible. MUNDEN MAINTENANCE AND SERVICE

 The Commercial Vehicle Inspection Program

 There are many details that need attention when it comes to required, province-mandated inspections. While you should always be making sure your commercial trucks and trailers are road-worthy, the BC government has very strict guidelines for scheduled maintenance and inspections. If your CVIP dates are coming up, or if you need an out-of-province inspection, our modern and certified facility can  take care of it. MUNDEN COMMERCIAL VEHICLE INSPECTIONS

 Parts And Specialties

 If you’ve got your own dedicated repair team already, or you look at it in the mirror, our parts department regularly carries a wide range or commercial truck and trailer parts and accessories. If you need an OEM replacement or an after-market addition, our buying power and access to national and international distributors means we can get it for you at a fair price if it’s not in our warehouse already. It doesn’t matter if you need hydraulic hoses, a new dash camera or a condenser replacement for your reefer unit, our parts team will deliver. MUNDEN PARTS SPECIALS

 The Total Repair And Service Package

 There is no difficulty that your trucks or transport fleet can experience that Munden Ventures cannot help you solve. We’re passionate about keeping our world moving safely and making sure you have every chance to meet your delivery times. When you’re driving, or stuck, on BC’s roads staring down a shrinking time window just give us a call or contact us here  CONTACT US for help.