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Three Reasons to Bring Your Commercial Vehicle to a Truck Repair Shop Before Winter

December 21st 2020

Winter is a terrible time to be stuck on the side of the road dealing with mechanical issues. It’s cold and it can be dangerous. Munden Ventures Ltd. is committed to keeping as many commercial vehicles as possible on the road and running smoothly, but we can’t do it alone. The first step is booking your vehicle in for its winter maintenance. Located in Kamloops, BC, we are a commercial truck repair shop providing mechanical services seven days per week along with emergency roadside assistance. Visit our Parts and Service page to find out more about service options available.


Regular maintenance is always important, but especially so as we enter winter’s deep freeze when road conditions deteriorate, and safety is paramount. Here are three important reasons to book your truck into a repair shop before winter hits hard, or as soon as possible if it’s already descended.

1.     Improve visibility

With constant streams of snow, slush, and water hitting your windshield every day, checking to ensure your wiper blades are working properly is vital, and installing specialized winter wiper blades is a good idea. At Munden, we will make sure your visibility is high this winter with properly functioning blades and we can also advise you on the right type of winter windshield washer fluid to use.

2.     Prevent cracked belts

Cold weather can wreak havoc on belts and hoses, causing them to crack and break, especially if they are reaching the end of their viability. To prevent this from happening, you should have them inspected regularly.

3.      Stay warm

You spend endless hours in the cab of your truck. It only makes sense that you are warm and comfortable. Your engine feels the same way and will run a lot smoother with an engine heater that ensures engine oil and components are warm enough to move as they should. At Munden, we sell and service Websato and Espar  heating systems and encourage you to consider having your heating systems tested and updated, as necessary.

Read more tips about taking care of your own vehicle this winter on our blog 3 Small (But Significant) Ways to Prepare Your Commercial Truck for Winter Conditions.

If you’re travelling near the Kamloops, BC area and get stuck on the road, Munden Ventures has mobile mechanic truck services to help you. If you have questions, talk to us in our live chat or contact Munden Ventures today!

In terms of our service department, we perform everything from emergency repairs to scheduled preventative maintenance programs, meaning that no job is too big or too small. Our extensive background in the trucking industry allows us to understand how frustrating hourly rates and long periods of downtime in standard OEM shops can be. With our extended hours and lower rates, we are committed to providing all our clients with OEM-level services.

Our parts department is also open seven days a week from 7 am to midnight and carries a wide range of commercial truck and trailer parts and accessories, making it your go-to parts department shop in the Interior of BC.