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Webasto Cab Heaters at Munden Ventures Ltd.

November 25th 2019

At Munden Ventures Ltd, we send mechanic service trucks from our shop in Kamloops to help trucks when they get stuck. During this time of year, temperatures are starting to drop across the province. With that in mind, it’s a great time to inspect your vehicle’s cab heater (also known as a sleeper or parking heater) and ensure it will function properly! If you find yourself stuck on the highway because of a malfunctioning heater and need mobile truck repair, give a call for immediate service. In order to prevent that happening, we want to highlight the heaters we recommend.

Our truck repair shop in Kamloops recommends Webasto parking heaters. Why? For many of the reasons they advertise on their website! From our perspective though, they do a great job and, as advertised, they’re easy to repair if something goes wrong.

Webasto, as a company, has been around for a long time. More than 110 years ago they began as a wire and ironworks factory. Over the years though, they emerged as a market leader in a couple of different markets, which included cab heaters. Today they retain that leadership by continually innovating and improving their technology to make their products function better.

For professional commercial truck drivers, their vehicle is their office. Being comfortable inside and being able to get right to work improves productivity, safety, and enjoyment. Heaters of the highest quality make this possible. When a driver gets back to driving they don’t need to scrape ice off of windows or wait for a defrost setting to remove the fog, because a sleeper heater has kept the vehicle comfortable and warm whether the vehicle is running or not.

In our experience the technology in Webasto’s heaters is superior to any competition. As a transportation company, we install them in our vehicles so that we can be sure our drivers are safe and comfortable at all times. Due to them not needing to keep their trucks running to heat them, their carbon footprint is smaller as well. They can take breaks and keep their rig warm.

As a truck repair company, we recommend Webasto heaters for 2 reasons. First is that they don’t break often. They are high quality pieces of equipment that you can trust. You still need to inspect it regularly, like any piece of equipment, but you can feel safe knowing that it will keep working. Second is that if something does go wrong, whether you’re in your shop or stuck out on the highway, these devices are straightforward to repair.

Munden Ventures Ltd has had many years of experience with Webasto products and we recommend them to everyone. By increasing comfort and enjoyment of commercial drivers while decreasing fuel consumption, they increase economic efficiency while protecting the environment. We’re proud to be partners with Webasto and look forward to many more years of working together.

If you’re looking for a Webasto dealer near you, give us a call or drop by our shop. We’re an official dealer for parts, sales, and service in the BC interior.