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We’re Hiring Professional Drivers!

At Mundens we are always looking for professional drivers to join our team. If you consider yourself a professional driver with mountain, off-road and log hauling (or similar) experience, a clean drivers abstract and are looking to be part of a tight-knit team focused on providing exceptional service, we want to talk to you.

Driver Wages

From a compensation standpoint what people make is certainly top of mind. We've moved from a traditional model of percentage pay for drivers, to a straight, hourly pay rate. From the time you start your day until the time you end your day, we pay hourly. That includes overtime after you’ve reached the required number of service hours.

We try to make drivers feel appreciated for the time they put in. Whether that's when you’re idling because a loader's broke down, a road is closed, or the mill is backed up we believe drivers should get paid for this time.

We believe what's missing in the industry is a recognition of the fact that, truck drivers often have longer than standard hours of work. Drivers should be compensated just like every other profession that you can think of where employees receive overtime pay after the required number of hours have been worked. We pay overtime. From the start of your shift, through to the end of the shift, as you reach that overtime threshold, we pay overtime and it doesn't matter whether you're driving the truck home empty at the end of the day, where you're washing the truck, you're doing your post-trip inspection. You ought to get paid for that time and you ought to get paid overtime.

We also have an incentive program that is designed to recognize and reward drivers for making good decisions. We're fortunate that our professional drivers make good decisions every day and we are glad to pay out a safety and performance incentive with every paycheck for our drivers that are achieving those goals.

Benefits Plan

We’re really proud of the comprehensive benefits plan that we offer to every full-time employee at Munden Ventures. All of us involved with ownership of the company have families, so we really get how important this is. Our benefits include:
• Prescriptions
• Eyeglasses
• Dental coverage
• Orthodontics
• Massage and chiropractic
• Short term disability
• Long term disability
• Counselling
• Life insurance

We understand what it costs to take a child to the dentist, to get eyeglasses, to have to purchase prescription drugs for something that you, or a family member, might be dealing with at a certain time in your life. Every full-time employee with our company, drivers, mechanics, and administration are part of our benefits plan.

Work Life Balance

Our company has always had a driver first approach. We come from four generations of family members that have Class 1 licenses and have done some amount of professional driving. We understand what's important from a driver's perspective, both in terms of compensation and, working conditions to the type of truck you get to operate.

Work life balance is something that often is not synonymous with truck driving but we're trying to change our approach and make it that way. We're trying to provide opportunities for our staff, and our professional drivers to find a balance between being at work and having an opportunity to be at home. We are creative in terms of how we put runs together to allow the length of workday to be reasonable.

One of the big things that we think has made a difference for our professional drivers is making sure that at the end of the day, they're able to bring the truck to the shop and turn the keys into the Service Manager and head home. We know there's a lot of companies still out there that expect drivers to be either fully involved or mostly involved in maintenance and repairs on the equipment. We understand that takes away from family time, hobbies, and other interests outside of work. We have a shop that's ready to look after all those maintenance pieces for you.

Retirement Savings Plan

We believe retirement savings plans are important to all our employees and their families. We understand that the notion of trying to put enough money away for retirement is often a daunting task, so we’ve made this a company priority.

Part of our benefits package includes a retirement savings plan for every employee, and one that they can each direct with the help of our advisors. We contribute as well as our employees to this plan and it really allows our staff the opportunity to set themselves up to retire comfortably. Our retirement savings plan grows, in terms of contributions, the longer that you're with us.

Looking for Part Time Work?

Not Looking for Full-Time Work? – We’re Still Interested. Whether you are nearing the end of your driving career or are only looking for part time work, Mundens may still have an opportunity that fits your lifestyle. While most of our professional drivers work full-time, we are looking to develop a growing pool of part-time and casual drivers looking for anything from occasional to part-time scheduling. We will work hard to find a fit that suits you.

Owner Operator Program

We have opportunities for owner operators. Whether you're an owner operator and you have your own hauling position or you're just tired of the administration, safety programs, and everything that you're required to do today. Maybe you're looking for somebody to acquire that position, but you want to keep continuing as an owner operator? Either way, we've got an opportunity for that as well. If you're an owner operator that doesn't have a position or are looking to become an owner operator, we've got other opportunities that can allow us to bring you into our fold and under our umbrella.

While we need drivers, we're also very keen on owner operators. If you’re looking for a partner that will take care of some of the elements of doing business today, Mundens could be a fit for you. We have a fuel purchasing program and handle all the administration in helping you operate your small business, things like direct deposit and detailed pay stubs where there's no fine print. Benefits like live out allowances and, access to benefits programs.

A lot of owner-operators are concerned about telematics and the implementation of electronic logbooks and how they're going to incorporate that into their business, which is a requirement in very short order. We've got that piece covered. We can provide the ELD system and the training to go along with it to make sure that an owner-operator can successfully make the transition from a paper logbook world to an electronic world. We've done it with our existing owner-operators, we've done it with all our drivers, and we can make it easy for you too.

Our Professional Owner Operator Careers Offers:
• Fuel purchase programs
• Insurance programs
• Equipment spec’ing assistance
• Maintenance plan
• Safety & Performance bonus
• Steady work with predictable revenue
• Treatment just like we own the truck
• Fuel adjustments direct from our customers to your pay statement. (We understand the significant impact of fuel on your bottom line. Our policy is to pass on 100% of any fuel adjustment we get from our customers – no exceptions. We don’t take on contracts without a reasonable fuel adjustment clause. Period.)