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man at Munden Ventures with orange hard hat and safety glasses standing beside a truck motor
1Company Policy

All employees are oriented and sign off on our Company Policy handbook. This handbook outlines company expectations as it relates to workplace conduct and the safe operation of equipment, among other things.

2Safe Work Procedures

Safe Work Procedures are developed, and staff oriented for all routine, higher risk tasks. These procedures are just one more step in helping to ensure workplace safety. 3Preventative Maintenance Program

3Preventative Maintenance Program

All of Munden LOTS equipment is part of our CVSE governed Preventative Maintenance Program (PM). Held to a higher standard that non-PM regulated equipment, Munden LOTS equipment goes through time or usage defined scheduled maintenance service designed to prevent the occurrence of safety-related issues. Attaining and retaining a PM program is, by its design, difficult to achieve and we are proud of our PM facility designation.

4On-Board Electronics

Munden LOTS utilized ELD (Electronic Logging Devices) to allow the company to better manage equipment usage. The system will provide driver and company feedback related to operational opportunities like top speed, idle time, harsh cornering, and hard braking events – helping to identify and correct potential safety-related risks. The system fully integrates electronic logbooks – something that Munden LOTS fully endorses on an industry-wide basis for increased road safety, professional driver satisfaction and a level competitive playing field.

5Worksite Specific Safety Procedures

All employees are oriented on worksite specific procedures for all worksites they may find themselves on. In the case of our drivers and owner operators, this is most often mill sites and active logging sites.

6The Safety Pyramid

We know that for all workplace accidents they have been preceded by a larger number of safety incidents, an even larger number of near misses, and an even larger number of safety observations. We actively encourage our employees to report safety observations before they move up the pyramid to become workplace accidents.


Munden LOTS Core Value

At Munden LOTS, safety is a guiding value in everything we do, in every decision we make. After all, nothing we do is worth having someone get hurt over. That’s why we take safety very seriously. From orientation day to retirement, our staff pride themselves on delivering on all of our commitments, safely.

The Munden LOTS family understand the importance of safety, not only to our customers in the delivery of services, but also to the families of our employees who count on their loved ones returning home healthy each day. We work to ensure that safety and doing things safely isn’t considered a nuisance, but simply the way we do things. At Munden LOTS, doing things the right way is the best way…and, most often, the safe way.

We have a comprehensive workplace health and safety plan and environmental management plan that is part of new employee orientation on day 1. Our focus on safety has earned Munden recognition as “Safe Certified” through the BC Forest Safety Council and Worksafe BC. We also enjoy one of the highest claims discounts available with ICBC…but, most importantly, it earns us the comfort of knowing our employees are as safe as we can help them be while at work.

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